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Winterfest at Post Falls' City Hall is always a treat!

December 1st, 2023, is Post Falls’ Winterfest and Plaza Market! The Post Falls' City Hall puts on a wonderful craft fair complete with a tree lighting ceremony and caroling. There will be a canned food drive to help the local community, a Toys for Tots collection, and a visit from Santa Claus. Santa is anticipated to arrive at his local workshop at 6:15 p.m. We are always thrilled to do this craft fair. The mood is joyous, there are merry fire barrels scattered around to roast marshmallows at, and there is just something magical feeling about the clean, crisp December night air.

Cutoff Crafts will have a full tent set up complete with hypoallergenic earrings, handmade crochet toys, stickers, pins, dice, keychains, mystery loot bags, and handmade coinpurses.

Ahsoka and I have created special Christmas Mystery Loot Bags and Pokemon Mystery Loot Bags that are fantastic stocking stuffers.

Our specially made Christmas Mystery Loot Bags have one Christmas themed metal enamel pin and one full set of fancy dice. The dice sets are worth $20 and the metal pin is worth at least $12, which means that every bag is guaranteed to have AT LEAST $32 worth of merch! Each Christmas Mystery Loot Bag costs only $25. I love the Kuromi dressed for winter pin, she is totally adorable and mischievous. Our Christmas Mystery Loot Bags are easy to spot, they each have a unique vinyl reindeer sticker on them.

The Grinch is judging your Nat 1s

In addition to our Christmas Mystery Loot Bags we wanted to make something special for the Pokemon fans out there. Can you believe that it has been 25 years since Pokemon debuted in the United States? I was surprised! Growing up I loved how fun the anime series was. One of my favorite episodes was “Battle Aboard the St. Anne” where James from Team Rocket is conned into buying a seemingly simple Magikarp. Ahsoka is a huge fan of Jigglypuff and especially loves the episode “The Song of Jigglypuff.”

We sat down and made these exciting Pokemon themed surprise bags. Each one contains 5 high quality vinyl Pokemon stickers and one Pokemon pin. The pins range from starter Pokemon to final evolve forms. A select few have fantastically silly expressions. The mystery loot bags are only $15 and make a wonderful gift. Each Pokemon Mystery Loot Bag has a large vinyl Pokemon sticker on the front. These stickers are the size of the five Pokemon stickers that are contained within. As a mystery bag, the pins and stickers are completely random.


Piplup looks excited to meet his new trainer!

Winterfest at Post Falls City Hall is always a treat! It runs from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., December 1st, 2023. We hope to see everyone there!

Create Your Own Ornaments at 3C’s 2023 Holiday Craft Faire!

The fantastic local 3 C’s Cancer and Community Charities is hosting a Holiday Craft Faire at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds! Cutoff Crafts is happy to support such an amazing cause and will be in Building 1.

Entry price of admission is $2 at the door. The proceeds go straight to the charity. There is also an amazing Christmas Tree raffle. Tickets cost less than a dollar and you have a chance at winning, a fully dressed red, white, and blue tree, a beautiful handmade wreath, and $2,000 worth of presents! A six pack of tickets costs only $5, I already got my set!

3C’s 2023 Holiday Craft Faire

October 27th - 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

October 28th - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

This is our third year attending and we decided to do something special.

Cutoff Crafts has gotten ahold of some very nice wooden blanks. Michelle then carefully painted them in festive cheery red, forest green, icy white, rich yellow, shiny gold, and snow blue. We selected several different shapes ranging from those that look like gift tags to those that look like fancy lamp shape ornaments.

We thought it would be super cool to offer a Create Your Own Ornament option! For only $5 you choose your own painted blank and then select from thousands of stickers to find one you love. The careful application of the vinyl sticker has these personalized ornaments ready to hang on your tree! I can’t get over how well this reindeer turned out and the Christmas hippo is cute as can be.

Sharpie markers write on these ornaments very well on both the wooden side and the painted side. I love to write messages on ornaments I am gifting and date them with the year so people can look back and remember the occasion. Each ornament also comes with a fancy golden hook so they are ready to hang.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we will also have special Halloween Goodie Bags!

These goodie bags are stuffed full of glow in the dark stars, a pack of stickers, a silicone pop-it keychain, a sucker, two erasers, and one specially selected stone. They are $5. Last weekend we sold out, so swing by early if you are looking to pick one up.

Cutoff Craft’s Halloween Special - Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bags!

We are so happy to reveal our Halloween X-SPO special release! These Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bags are full of goodies! Each mystery bag is loaded with an extra fancy set of dice and one Halloween themed metal enamel pin. 

How fancy are the dice? Each bag is guaranteed to have one of our $20+ sets. There are glow in the dark dice, color changing splatter dice, extremely fancy high quality marble dice, dice with an arcane font, triple color dice, and more. The color changing dice activate when held in a warm hand. For our skeleton and ghost crowd, whose hands may not be the warmest, the dice will also activate when dunked in warm water.

The metal enamel pins are themed for the season. There are spooky cupcakes, sinister pumpkins, playful ghosts, strange monsters, and ghoulies of all types. I think I even saw a flying eyeball go by! Our metal pins range in price from $12-$15. One $12+ pin and one $20+ set of dice... that means every bag is guaranteed to have AT LEAST $32 worth of merch! Each Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bag costs $25.

As always, our custom made Mystery Loot bags were loaded by Ahsoka and Michelle, personally. No two sets are the same. Each bag is made of sturdy mylar that has been heat sealed to prevent peeking, and makes for a fantastic gift. We only made twenty-five of these so they may not last! Halloween Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bags are easily identifiable by the Halloween stickers on their fronts.

Pictures in this blog are representative of examples and NOT a guarantee of what is in a specific bag. The contents of the bags are a mystery!

We are so excited for the Halloween X-SPO in Spokane, Washington! We will be at booth 204 at the Spokane Convention Center. 

~Halloween X-SPO 2023~

Dates and Times

Saturday, October 14th: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sunday , October 15th” 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Early Bird ticket holders get in half an hour early! Come say "hi," it promises to be a real treat. MUHAHAHAHA!

On Our Way to Halloween X-SPO in Spokane!

Cutoff Crafts will be at Halloween X-SPO this weekend!  It's so exciting and a little terrifying! We will be immersed in the world of spooky, creepy, and the occasional otherworldly. We expect to see many different costumes, from Halloween horror to anime and film, and so many more. 

Halloween X-SPO has announced several panels! Fans can look forward to a ton of events including:
  • Live music
  • Costume Contest
  • Screening: "The Invisible Man"
  • Spookast! presents Spokane's Most Haunted Places
  • Lucky Boy Reviews Presents: The Top Five Greatest Halloween Movies of All-Time
  • Making A Rad Horror Short Film: "Night of the Witch" w/ Filmmaker Jesse James Hennessy
  • Make-up Demos
  • Creating Monster Comics for Kids
  • and so much more!
Many Famous guest will also be flying in to celebrate all that is Halloween with their talents! Some that have confirmed their attendance are:
  • Cooper Andrews
  • Kirk  Thatcher
  • Lisa Wilcox
  • Miko Hughes
  • Naomi Grossman
  • Matthew Patrick Davis
  • And more!
Find out more details about the event from the official Halloween X-SPO site!

Because we here at Cutoff Crafts love Halloween, not only will we have several amazing Halloween items for sale. we will also be celebrating Halloween X-SPO by hosting special activities at our booth! 

1. Get Featured on our Social Media

For those who come to Halloween X-SPO in costume, we would love to see them! Since we are hosting a booth for the whole event, it is difficult to leave and see all the awesome costumes. So, if you come to our booth and show us your costume, with your permission, we will take a picture!  Throughout the next week after the Halloween X-SPO, we will showcase some of our favorite costumes on our social media and, maybe even, our blog.

Will you be featured? Get your picture taken and find out!

2. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Blu-Ray Giveaway

Thanks to our sister blog, SKGaleana, we will be hosting a Blu-Ray giveaway for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts! Simply come to our booth, fill out the entry paper, and drop it in a box. One winner will be chosen after Oct. 20, 2023!  

You can also enter the giveaway at https://skgaleana.com/giveaways!

Both of these activities are a fantastic way to enjoy Halloween X-SPO! Find us in booth space 204 on Oct. 14 and 15, 2023!

See you there...if you dare!

Can you survive Five Nights at Freddy’s?

FNAF Movie Banner from: https://twitter.com/fnafmovie

The beloved video game series Five Night’s at Freddy’s is getting a new look with the live action movie “Five Nights at Freddy’s” launching this October 27th. As such, the wonderful pizzeria is hiring a new batch of security guards to handle all the extra interest. Fans of the franchise can text the word “FNAF” to the phone number 1-833-578-0158 to have a chance at joining the elite security staff. Working conditions include cupcakes, friendly animatronics, and an up to date security system. Why there’s hardly been any power outages this week!


I’ll be honest, I love working night shift so thought I should apply and pick up a couple extra hours. The recruiter was extremely fast and professional, no lengthy wait time on this application! I appreciated the walk through training video, it seemed a little light on details but I am sure I will pick it up as I go. In less than fifteen minutes I was approved and had my own identification card.

I’m happy that Cutoff Crafts just so happens to have come in to a batch of appropriate security badges. Sure, they were a little bloody, but nothing a little soap and water could not fix. We also sell lanyards to clip all those lucky new employee identification cards to. I’m going to decorate mine with one of the fun pins celebrating the wonderful day care animatronics, Sun and Moon. I love their craft parties!

We’ll be at the Spokane Halloween X-SPO with all our FNAF inspired merchandise. We only found a few badges so be sure to swing by early if you want to grab one.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria is always hiring…

Click HERE to check out our earlier blogpost on the super cool Five Nights at Freddy’s sticker packs!

Cutoff Crafts And Plague Doctors Are Heading to Valley Vista


We are getting ready for another fantastic event and it is the first weekend in October! This time we will be at the big red barn in Cocolalla! You know, the one on Hwy 95 that has the huge sign that says Valley Vista?  Yup, we will be inside that barn this weekend! So if you are curious about the barn or looking to shop, it will be open to the public in all its splendor!

Getting there is very simple, there will be signs posted along Hwy 95 making the location easy to find. Simply cross a train track, come to the barn, and look for Cutoff Crafts! We will be there Oct 7 from 9 am to 6 pm and Oct 8 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Once you find us, you will see the spooky season has come to our booth! We will have thematic colors of stones, crochet toys, Halloween keychains, fossils, Halloween bags, and more!  One of the most prominent characters you will find featured at our booth are Plague Doctors. Important to history but falling in the spooky/creepy category, plague doctors make excellent décor, earrings, and toys.

At our booth, these plague doctors will rock your world like it is the year 1399! From jewelry to crochet, they are here to wear or snuggle.

Even animals are getting in on the action and dressing up as plague doctors this Halloween. We will have earrings featuring penguins, raccoons, and other animals in plague doctor costumes. To some this may be weird, but to me, it is just adorable!  These Raccoon Plague Doctor Earrings are one of the best things I have ever seen.

Our crochet plague doctors are made using our own Cutoff Crafts' pattern. Complete with back, soulless eyes, black top hat, and a bird beak they are ready to snuggle or display. Some crochet plague doctors will have gray heads, some will have red, and some may even have pink! Find out which ones we have at our booth this weekend! There are even whispered rumors of a possible rare sparkle doctor in the house.

Our plague doctor collection doesn't end there! We also have handcrafted cross-stitch plague doctor pins! These pins feature a button back to make them easy to wear, place on a lanyard, on a backpack, or where ever you wish to display them. Each one is hand cross-stitched with needle and thread.

We will also have enamel pins, not in the general population, that have the hilarious saying, "Wash Your @$%# Hands". If you wish to buy one, be sure to ask us to see the Off The Menu Pins. We will gladly pull out our more mature collection.

As always our booth will have a bounty of fun and quirky toys, decorations, and curios waiting to go home with you. Come on by the Valley Vista Barn in Cocolalla, Idaho, to see what spooky things are lurking at the Cutoff Crafts’ stand.

Come see us at the Rathdrum Garden Party 2023

The Rathdrum Garden Party kicks off Cutoff Crafts’ Winter Craft Fair Season for 2023! We will be popping up all over Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington this year. Check out our Calendar over on the Event’s Page for the latest information on where to find us. 

The Rathdrum Garden Party is hosted by the Rathdrum Craft and Farmers Market team. They are a local group that strives to support the crafting community and bring people together.

Come join us this Saturday September 30th, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Rathdrum’s Lions Club on Meyer Road. The Garden Party is the last Summer Bash as we swing in to Fall. There will be so many tasty treats and fantastic vendors.

Cutoff Crafts’ Item Spotlight

These adorable fabric garden themed bags can hold all kinds of small treasures. Each bag is handmade. They are lined and the handles are reinforced with extra stitching to enhance their durability. They can hold a surprising amount of weight. I use mine to hold polished stones and cool things I find outside. The kids love to tote around crayons for coloring on the go.

Fans of the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks will recognize this plushy crocheted creature. Inspired by the cute, cuddly, and very deadly bone drinkers it is a perfect toy to get someone in the Halloween mood. I love the happy little squiggle mouth, it is so expressive!

The dramatic Scarlet Sunflower Earrings are made out of art beads from the Czech Republic and Swarovski crystals from Austria. Each crimson bead is separated by a sterling silver seed bead. The hooks are designed for sensitive skin and made out of nickel-free sterling silver.


Our Dice Cream Cones look like you could take a bite! Ice cream is one of the best parts of summer and these cute dice holders do a great job capturing that joy. This one looks like orange sherbet!

Swing by and say “hi” if you are in the neighborhood! We are excited to see everyone!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Find Unique Items by Shopping Local


Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task, especially during the holidays. There is a weight of importance in finding something that will leave a lasting impression. The process of finding that one uniquely perfect gift takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes the process leaves us with zero results. This can be disheartening, but here at Cutoff Crafts we have a fix for that!!

This year, we have created a 2023 Holiday Gift Guide featuring Local businesses in the Inland Northwest! Buying local often means getting unique and customizable gifts that one wouldn't find anywhere else. Local vendors encompass almost every category from gaming to home-goods. Because we are small businesses, buyers get to work with the sellers to purchase something one-of-a-kind and maybe even get it personalized. 

To find these fantastic presents, Cutoff Crafts put a call out on our North Idaho Events, Fairs, and Markets group, where thousands of people, business owners and local shoppers, gather to see what is happening around the area. This call revealed several amazing items that would make fantastic Christmas Gifts. Our Holiday Gift Guide - Shop Local includes Mystery Loot Dice Bags, fine wire-wrapping work, beautiful handmade wreaths, a permanent jewelry experience, hand-poured candles, A book featuring images of our beautiful state of Idaho, crochet toys, tumblers, hoodies, purses, bags, candy, Jams, and more!

Use the sections below to shop these amazing gifts. Those with the Buy Now buttons have an online store where shoppers can quickly purchase their goods and have the items shipped. Other businesses require contact. Use their emails, phone numbers, or message app on their social medias to contact them and make an order.

Have fun shopping out 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Shop Local!

1. Cutoff Crafts Gift Cards

For those unsure of what to get their family member or friend, we have gift cards! Simply purchase the gift card from our site, send it to your friend of family member's email, and allow them to buy what they like or make a special order for something unique. Gift Cards make wonderful Christmas Gifts!

Grab your Cutoff Crafts Gift Card from our site and let the shopping begin at our store!

2. Dragon Level Mystery Loot Dice Bags

Our mystery loots are created by hand and offer our customers a huge amount of random dice. In fact, the probability that anyone will get the same set of standard size resin dice is less than 2%! While we don't make the dice, we create the loot bags. Our expert calligrapher writes the price and 'mystery' on the bag and we heat seal them to prevent peeking. These will make excellent Christmas Gifts and/or stocking stuffers! If you want to hang the dice from the Christmas tree, we have ornament balls that fit a standard set of dice within. So festive!

Dragon Level Mystery Loot Bags - $15
Each Dragon Level Mystery Loot Dice Bag will contain a full set of standard resin dice and a full set of halfling dice! That is 14 dice in total! The sets each contain a d20, d12, two d10, d8, d6, and d4.

3. Idaho Custom Wreaths

Idaho Custom Wreaths makes beautiful wreaths that will perfectly decorate any home. These wreaths also make great Christmas gifts. They have lanterns, swags, wagon wheels, garlands, and wreaths. 

Contact Twyla Wall 
Text or call: 208-610-7325

$60 and up

$120 and up

$80 and up

4. Wire Wrapped Gifts from Mountain Crown Wire

A popular jeweler making technique is wire wrapping. It allows jewelers to create unique pieces that can incorporate an array of specimens including, gemstones, beads, crystals, charms, and more. Mountain Crown Wire uses Argentium Silver, which is purer than standard Sterling Silver, has increased tarnish resistance, a whiter color, firestain-free surface, and is antibacterial as well as hypoallergenic. Their items make wonderful and unique Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones.
Crystal Ball Point Pens - $25 each
Made with tarnish resistant copper wire and a real crystal point these pens are full of inspiration and healing. No two are alike!

Hummingbird Pendant - $170
Humming Bird Pendant: Made of Argentium Silver wire this pendant boasts a labradorite, Ethiopian Opals, and a purple agate eye. Argentium silver is both hypoallergenic and antibacterial making it the perfect gift!

Silver Willow - $600
Silver Willow Tree: This beautiful willow tree sits on a tipped lepidolite cube and measures 7 inches tall by 5½ inch wide. 100% handmade from argentium silver wire this tree took 40 hours to complete. Truly a one of a kind peice you won't find anywhere else!

5. Permanent Jewelry by Heart Of Gold Jewelry

Heart Of Gold Jewelry features permanent 14k gold-filled jewelry and permanent sterling silver jewelry that will never tarnish and last for 30 years. Permanent jewelry is a clasp-less piece of jewelry that is custom fit to your wrist, neck, or ankle. A delicate flash of a micro laser creates a permanent seal, welding a chain to your wrist with a quick zap. You never have to take it off. Heart Of Gold Jewelry believes that permanent jewelry is an experience, it's very sentimental. People come in looking for an experience with family as moms and daughters, significant others, best friends, or special occasions such as Christmas, a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, etc. It’s such a beautiful way to create bonding and lasting memories.
To schedule a time to get permanent jewelry contact Heart of Gold Jewelry

6. Handmade Candles by Thimbleberry Candle Co

Thimbleberry Candle Co is a small batch soy candle company, where each candle is poured by hand on the Palouse since 2021. These make a beautiful gift that friends and family will love to burn and smell throughout the holiday season.

1. The Holiday Cottage Candle is a sweet and spicy scented soy candle. It smells like an iced gingerbread house. It will be available in November. 

2. The Huckleberry Harvest Candle is Idaho in a candle! We are known for our wonderful huckleberries here and this candle will fill your home with the scent of Idaho.

3. The Woodshop Candle has a very sharp, birch and cedarwood scent. It would be good for someone looking for a bit of a more masculine scent. 

7.  A Book all About Idaho

Incredible Idaho, by Linda Lantzy, is the perfect gift for those who love the beautiful state of Idaho.

"Imagine the incomparable beauty of a spectacular land that still retains much of its wilderness and wildlife.

This is Idaho, and it's filled with diverse landscapes of lush forests, remote canyonlands and high deserts, fertile valleys and 80 mountain ranges, and 16,000 miles of rivers and streams. You can immerse yourself in these fantastic settings without leaving home. We are making a new book that celebrates the majesty of Idaho through a visual journey of stunning photographs from more than 30 of the Gem State's most celebrated photographers."


8.  Crochet Norman The Santa Troll by FayesFairyStitches

Meet Norman, the Santa troll. He loves frolicking in the snow, collecting candy canes, and building snowmen! 

Size: 4.5 inches wide (arm to arm) 7.5 inches long (horn to foot)
Made of acrylic yarn and velvet details, Wooden buttons, Felt teeth, Filled with polyester stuffing, Plastic round safety eyes

Norman is the perfect stocking stuffer or mantel decoration for your loved one! He's a Unique gift for those mythical lovers. Each Norman is one of a kind, making him a special gift for that special person!


9.  Handmade Tumblers and Bookmarks by Kiki's Corner

Kiki's Corner features handmade custom cups, keychains, and bookmarks. These make fantastic Christmas presents and stocking stuffers for all ages. 

Contact Krisha at KrishasCorner@gmail.com to make a special order for a one of a kind custom gift.

10.  Handmade Tees and Hoodies by Rylee Gene Tees

Get a customized Tee and/or Hoodie to make the perfect unique Christmas Gift! It is the season for hoodies and these are comfortable and are available in many sizes!
 Rylee Gene Tees features:
  • 20oz or 30oz tumblers
    • double wall insulated stainless steel
    • keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours
    • show your personal style with a stylish tumbler designed just for you! Customization available.
  • Handmade tees
    • super soft tees handmade with unique tye dye patterns and a vivid graphic.
    • unisex fit, small-3x, customization available
  • Handmade hoodies
    • premium fabric heavy blend soft hoodies with a unique tye dye pattern and vivid graphic.
    • hoodie season is here! Let your personal style shine with these one-of-a-kind hoodies! Customization available.

11.  Unique, Whimsical, One-of-a-kind Accessories by Xtras 

Gifts that are sure to stick around and get a ton of use are wonderful handmade accessories. These items will remind the giftee of how special they are every time they reach for their much needed bag or wallet.

Embroidered Gnome Handbag - $118.00
This is a great holiday purse to carry. With whimsical embroidered gnomes, this is sure to be a favorite statement piece. This purse is made with gray vinyl and a wool blend fabric.

Cork Elephant Handbag - $125.00
This is a unique handbag made with cork fabric and vinyl. It can be carried as a top handle bag or as a crossbody bag when the strap is attached. Cork is a renewable resource harvested from the bark of cork trees in the Mediterranean. The circular style makes this a one of a kind bag that would make a great gift for that hard to buy for person.

Basketball Wallet - $50.00
What a great gift for the basketball player or fan! This wallet comes in 2 sizes and hosts multiple card slots, a zippered coin pocket and a clear ID pocket. This is made with a basketball textured vinyl.

12.  Handmade Handbags by Lu’s Creative Closet 

With long straps and several pockets, these handbags will receive the approval of almost anyone who carries a bag. Featuring pockets for cellphones, wallets, and more, utilitarian has gone beautiful with these handy and useful creations, which makes them excellent Christmas gifts.

Sling Bag with adjustable strap - $45.00
This bag can be that can be worn on the front or back. Made of custom vinyl with waterproof canvas lining. Bag features interior card slots and slip pocket.

Blue Floral Crossbody bag with adjustable strap - $55.00
Made of custom vinyl with front and top zipper pockets. Bag measures 9.5” H x 10” W

Water Bottle Bag with adjustable strap - $35.00
Made with cotton exterior and waterproof canvas interior. Features slip pocket that fits large cell phones and a zipper pocket for other items like keys or card. This is the bag for someone on the go for a quick trip to town, hike or theme park. This is one of our most popular items. It comes in florals, animal prints, and sports prints.

Contact Michaelle Sande & Christine Sande at Lu’s Creative Closet to order a handmade bag: Luscreativecloset@gmail.com

13.  Yummy Toffee by North Woods Confections LLC 

English Toffee & Fudge is easily enjoyed by all. Their sweet treats come in a variety of flavors, assortments, and holiday packaging options making your holidays a breeze! They even offer nation wide shipping!

This English Toffee is sandwiched perfectly between two layers of chocolatey goodness and a divine crunch giving you a decadent treat that all ages can enjoy! 

To buy, contact North Woods Confections LLC
Email: NorthWoodsConfections@gmail.com, 
or by phone/text: 208-559-5667 

14.  Delicious Caramel by Shan's Caramel Shop

Shan's Caramel Shop provides delicious, homemade caramels using NonGMO/Organic ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is, what they like to call, "Clean Candy".  There are several flavors available on their website, Shanscaramelshop.com.  People absolutely love their caramels and oftentimes tell them that they are the best they have ever tasted!  They also offer Caramel Corn made with the same quality ingredients.

Salted Caramels - $20.00
These are the OG of Shan's Caramel Shop and where it all started.  Soft, smooth and delicious with three layers of sea salt that gently hit your palate as the caramel melts in your mouth. Made with NonGMO/Organic ingredients.  Try them with apple slices.  So fantastic!

Salted Bourbon Peanut - $35.00
Shan's Salted Bourbon Caramel has collided with roasted peanuts, and the result is astounding!  These caramels are reminiscent of the inside of a Snickers bar.  Made with all natural, organic and NonGMO ingredients in small batches.  These are sure to please!

Caramel Corn - $12
Shan's Caramel Corn is made with NonGMO/Organic ingredients.  You can choose it with or without roasted peanuts.  You won't want to stop eating this popcorn.  So addictively delicious!

15.  Jams by Crazy Cat Chick Farm Gluten Free Goodies Including Keto

Jams by Crazy Cat Chick Farm Gluten Free Goodies come in all different flavors including Strawberry, Pineapple, pears, and more. Her Cranberry and Rhubarb Jam is to die for! These will certainly be a great gift to satisfy the testbeds of jam connoisseurs! What is awesome about these jams us that they are easy to wrap. Simply wrap in tissue paper and slide into a holiday bag.

To get an amazing flavor of Jam contact Sandra Cook at CrazyCatChickFarm@gmail.com

16.  Cutoff Crafts' Store of Awesomeness

Cutoff Crafts has a variety of gift to choose from. Shoppers will find mystery loots, handcraft jewelry, crochet toys, fossils, crystals, and stones, and much more!