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Cutoff Crafts

Welcome to CutoffCrafts.com! 

We (Michelle and Sandra, co-founders of Cutoff Crafts) love sharing posts featuring items we have created or will create, creations we think deserve a nod of respect, events we will be attending, and so much more.  Many of the items we create are for sale.  That means if we post something and you must have one, we will create a special order and make your wish come true!  Simply use our contact form to let us know what you want to order and we will be glad to assist. 

Our website also features other fun crafting ideas from categories such as recipes, printables, and DIY. We even feature the occasional attempt at food art, origami, and towel folding.  Check out some of our recent posts in the following categories by clicking the pictures below.




If you wish to see us attempt any specific craft, send us a message with your request.  We may just take your suggestion and attempt the craft to the best of our ability.  Whether we succeed or fail, we will share the results on our blog.   An example of a success was Michelle's apple swan. She was inspired by a food art video and decided to try her hand at apple carving. Her first attempt turned out Jurassic, but her second attempt turned out beautiful. NAILED IT!

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