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Cutoff Crafts and Crafting Goodness

Crunch, grind, smash, bang-bang-bang. Don’t mind the noise. Sandra is working on the website. It’s supposed to sound like that, I swear. Good morning everyone! My name is Michelle and I shall be your jeweler today. Unless I get bored, than I shall be your calligrapher. But I’ll never be a decent plumber. It’s quite tragic.

What is Cutoff Crafts and what are we up to? Cutoff Crafts is a way to bring crafty-goodness into your life. It’s a store full of all the weird, crazy, beautiful things Sandra and I can make. It’s a blog where you can follow along as we hurtle forwards on this journey of creativity. It’s a calendar that provides the whens and wheres of our next craft-explosions in the real world. Finally, it is always a place where you can drop us a line. The contact form is right over: here.

We have just received final confirmation for the Idaho holiday craft fairs in Post Falls (Nov 2nd), Coeur d’Alene (Nov 9th), and Ponderay (Nov 16th-17th). November is going to be a busy month! Check out our Event page where you can keep up to date on the latest, greatest, news.

On to the crafting goodness! I have a new project that I am currently working on. (This happens pretty frequently. I don’t think I ever met a project I didn’t like.) Anyways! I often work with tiny, little, beads that are called “seed beads.” Normally, I use these in a fairly typical fashion to make jewelry. Today, I am using them in a distinctly different way. I am writing inspirational messages with them. This is brand new territory and I have no idea how it will turn out. If it turns out as awesome as I hope, I shall be following up with a full tutorial. Keep your eyes peeled.

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