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The Journey to an Epic DeviantArt Page Has Begun

After many hours of hard work, toiling over a hot computer screen, starring at several images, writing descriptions, and prepping the page to be viewer friendly, Cutoff Crafts now has a working DeviantArt Page

This new avenue will provide more ways to communicate, share, and discuss arts and crafts.  It will also provide another area for our readers/fans/shoppers to leave requests and/or recommendations. We welcome your ideas and can't wait to connect with everyone.  

Since the DeviantArt page is so new, be prepared for changes, many more submissions, and an ever growing gallery of items we have created.  Some of the submissions will even contain links to our etsy store where we are selling the item or pattern of the item shown.  That's right, there are opportunities to own little pieces of awesomeness! 

Be sure to come say hi and we will do our best to give all those that leave a comment a little Llama.

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