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Cutoff Crafts Now Glows-In-The-Dark!

 by Sandra G.

Last Saturday (April 3rd), we hosted our first booth of the year at the Community Market in the Silver Lake Mall, CDA. We brought our popular handmade jewelry, crochet toys, pin cushions, coffee cozys, and more. The booth turned out amazing and featured many of our fan favorites. Check out the image below and see our epic setup.

While every event is exciting and features a lot of our handmade goods, this event featured something new to our repertoire and we were ecstatic to get it on the shelves. We were (and are) so excited to announce that Cutoff Crafts glows-in-the-dark with our new merchandise! Yes...we glow!

Thanks to Michelle's amazing chainmail and jewelry crafting abilities, we now have several glow in the dark bracelets for sale. From Foxtail to Byzantine, each bracelet is meticulously arranged to form a beautiful piece that literally glows when the lights go out.  Some bracelets even include scales that glow!

What is really cool about these glow-in-the-dark bracelets is that when you take a blacklight and shine it on the bracelets, the phosphor is instantly energized and ready to glow. The bracelets can also be energized by sunlight or other light sources. Once the glow stops, simply recharge for more glow-in-the-dark fun.

We will be featuring these bracelets at the Community Market for the next 8 Saturdays while supplies last.  If you wish to see them glow simply ask for a demonstration.  Trust me, we will be all too excited to oblige (I really love our new glow-in-the-dark items). 

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