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The Rathdrum Craft and Farmer's Market is for the Community

October 9th, 2021 is starting the Rathdrum Craft and Farmer's Market holiday seasons! This event will not only support local artisans and farmers, it will also be helping out the Rathdrum Senior Center with a food drive, donations, and a fun raffle featuring handmade items from local crafters. Along with helping out the Rathdrum  Senior Center, visitors will find wonderful handmade gifts, produce, farm fresh eggs, flowers, plants, baked goods, & more. Check out their event page here.

Thanks to Sandra Cook and Kayla Johnson The first of the three Rathdrum Craft and Farmer's Markets will run from 10am to 4pm Saturday October 9th. Future events will take place Nov. 13 and Dec. 11.

Cutoff Crafts received the opportunity to interview Sandra Cook.

I know you are working on benefiting the senior center in Rathdrum. What are you doing to help support them? 

   Times are tough with no signs of things easing in the near future. Food anxiety is at a record high as are the need for assistance with food. The community center in a non profit with limited resources. They are very sweet and generous people who desire to help the whole community. We are a community focused market and our hearts break seeing how people are struggling to get food, pay their bills, etc. To help the community we are doing a food drive, many vendors are donating products for raffles, and all the money raiseed from the raffles will go toward the community center. 

Should event attendees bring foods for the senior center?

   We are accepting non-perishable food donations from non-vendors. The more we receive the better.

How many vendors are you expecting?

   For the October event we have about 20 indoor vendors and 10 outside vendors. 

What can visitors expect to see?

   We have a photo booth with a photographer and cute themed outfits for people to use, raffles, food drive, and wonderful vendors from food to handmade gifts.

What do you look forward to most about this event?

   Kayla and I look forward to helping others, it's sappy but true, and this event is certainly helping the Rathdrum community. I also look forward to vendors and visitors enjoying themselves. The Rathdrum Craft and Farmer's Markets is a great way for people buying or selling their products to meet new friends and customers. 

Thanks to Kayla and Sandra, there is going to be a wonderful community event filled with fun! And of course, Cutoff Crafts will be there having a blast as well.

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