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The Many Eyes of Cutoff Crafts

When crocheting amigurumi toys, the final touches can make or break the creation. The shape and stitches could look fantastic, but if the eyes, nose or buttons don't match, the creature will look...off.  Of course, sometimes we can force that "off look" on purpose, which brings us to the eyes of Cutoff Crafts! We make and use so many different eyes to help our creatures almost come to life.

One of the most popular eyes we use are the standard black eyes. They can be found on many of our crochet animals and dolls in all different sizes. They add a touch of wonder to the creature making us fall in love with the items.

The black eyes look fantastic, but every now and then we want to add color or SPARKLES. These are a bit more rare but they certainly add a very cute final touch! I mean, look at that kitty's face in the image below. Those sparkly eyes peer into your soul.

Cuteness aside, our creations can get a little weird as well, almost as if they popped out of a text with some emoji eyes. These eyes make the final touches seem off but they add a fun nature to the animal/  The emoji eyes are very unique and they are hardly seen in the crochet world. I love using them!

For that fun weird effect, we also use googly eyes! These hilarious eyes move around when you play with the toy making the crochet item more interactive. They are also funny to look at. I will admit googly eyes have a special place in my heart and I use them as often as I can.

I even have monster googly eyes as seen in the picture below!

Of course, sometimes plastic eyes just wont do, whether it's because we need to make safe toys for kids under 3 (no choking hazard) or they don't fit as a final touch. In these cases, I make my own eyes. I created a pattern that allows me to sew flat soft eyes onto some of our patterns to give the animals a different look.

The reversibles I make can't use plastic eyes. To allow for the constant movement these toys face, I use my flat eyes. They are durable and they don't add too much bulk to the toy. They are hours of fun and fully handmade!

The poison apples I crochet need to look as if they have no eyes. In these cases, the eyes I crochet give the illusion of a chasm where eyes would be. 

Whether the eyes are handmade, emoji, sparkly, or standard, the crochet animals and dolls found at Cutoff Crafts are fun and unique. They bring our creations to life in our imaginations and connect with us in their own unique way. You can find our many array of eyes at our next event, Lilac City Comicon. We will have the handmade ones featured on our reversibles and poison apples as well as all of the fun plastic ones feature above. Come see which items connect with you June 10-11, 2023 at the Spokane Convention Center.

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