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Stuck on Stickers

Woohoo! I absolutely love stickers; huge ones, tiny ones, matte ones, shiny ones, and especially the sparkly ones! Stickers are a fantastic way to personalize your stuff. I stick them on my notebooks, binders, thermoses, till, and a bunch of other things. Stickers end up everywhere. 

Stickers are an extremely cost effective way to customize most objects. Stickers stick best to a clean and level surface. Heavily textured items make a sticker look bumpy and far more likely to fall off. These vinyl stickers stick well to paper, metal, and plastic. This spiral notebook contains my current Dungeons and Dragons campaign notes. I’m old school and do most of my worldbuilding with pen and paper. The huge dragon stickers keep me from snagging this spiral when I am doing business work like accounting.

Cutoff Crafts now carries stickers… THOUSANDS OF THEM. These are extremely high quality vinyl stickers. They are even water resistant and do not lift up when they get wet. To test how well they would hold up to water, I stuck this snail on a metal thermos and sprayed it with a hose for several minutes. The snails survived with no visible damage, I was impressed.

We have a massive selection of themes. My favorite are the inspirational quotes that are paired with cute animals. Ahsoka really loves the Christian ones, our anime selection including Avatar and One Piece, and of course baby Grogu. We also carry dinosaurs, squishmallows, comic book heroes, crystals, plants, mushrooms, planes, racecars, ocean creatures, cats, dogs, Big Foot, pirates, planets, Pokemon, and a ton more. 

We will be at the 2023 Bonner County Fair in Sandpoint, Idaho, with our huge sticker towers that you can dig through to your heart’s content. We will be there August 16th-19th, 2023. The Bonner County Fairgrounds are located at 4203 N. Boyer Road, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864. Come see us in person and say hi!

For those who can’t wait, our online shop now carries $5 and $10 Mystery Sticker Bags! The $5 bags come with 5 unique stickers while the $10 bags come with 5 freebies, for a total of 15 unique stickers. Mystery Sticker Bags make a fantastic gift to yourself or someone else. They are also great for people who get overwhelmed with choices. Each bag is hand-filled with individually selected stickers. They are hand-lettered with a metallic calligraphy pen and heat sealed to prevent peeking.

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