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Cutoff Crafts And Plague Doctors Are Heading to Valley Vista


We are getting ready for another fantastic event and it is the first weekend in October! This time we will be at the big red barn in Cocolalla! You know, the one on Hwy 95 that has the huge sign that says Valley Vista?  Yup, we will be inside that barn this weekend! So if you are curious about the barn or looking to shop, it will be open to the public in all its splendor!

Getting there is very simple, there will be signs posted along Hwy 95 making the location easy to find. Simply cross a train track, come to the barn, and look for Cutoff Crafts! We will be there Oct 7 from 9 am to 6 pm and Oct 8 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Once you find us, you will see the spooky season has come to our booth! We will have thematic colors of stones, crochet toys, Halloween keychains, fossils, Halloween bags, and more!  One of the most prominent characters you will find featured at our booth are Plague Doctors. Important to history but falling in the spooky/creepy category, plague doctors make excellent décor, earrings, and toys.

At our booth, these plague doctors will rock your world like it is the year 1399! From jewelry to crochet, they are here to wear or snuggle.

Even animals are getting in on the action and dressing up as plague doctors this Halloween. We will have earrings featuring penguins, raccoons, and other animals in plague doctor costumes. To some this may be weird, but to me, it is just adorable!  These Raccoon Plague Doctor Earrings are one of the best things I have ever seen.

Our crochet plague doctors are made using our own Cutoff Crafts' pattern. Complete with back, soulless eyes, black top hat, and a bird beak they are ready to snuggle or display. Some crochet plague doctors will have gray heads, some will have red, and some may even have pink! Find out which ones we have at our booth this weekend! There are even whispered rumors of a possible rare sparkle doctor in the house.

Our plague doctor collection doesn't end there! We also have handcrafted cross-stitch plague doctor pins! These pins feature a button back to make them easy to wear, place on a lanyard, on a backpack, or where ever you wish to display them. Each one is hand cross-stitched with needle and thread.

We will also have enamel pins, not in the general population, that have the hilarious saying, "Wash Your @$%# Hands". If you wish to buy one, be sure to ask us to see the Off The Menu Pins. We will gladly pull out our more mature collection.

As always our booth will have a bounty of fun and quirky toys, decorations, and curios waiting to go home with you. Come on by the Valley Vista Barn in Cocolalla, Idaho, to see what spooky things are lurking at the Cutoff Crafts’ stand.

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