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North Idaho and Surrounding Area Community Calendar

It's January 2024 and our North Idaho Events, Fairs, nd Markets' Community Calendar has had an upgrade! 

We started North Idaho Events, Fairs, and Markets Community Calendar in 2020 to track events and keep an eye on what was happening in the community. It was, and is, a great way for us to collect events and place them in one area to make them easy to find.  What started with just a few people working together to make a go at having a small business in the North Idaho and the surrounding areas, has now grown into a large community group where we all help each other thrive. The calendar has quickly grown to a useful tool that is used by many in the community. 

What is amazing about this calendar is that it's run by the community. While we have a few admins to accept and approve listings, it takes a community to keep it going. Anyone can add events to the calendar by following just a few simple steps, and this attribute keeps the calendar current and relevant for all those in the area.

Because this calendar has been so helpful in keeping track of the events in the area and that so many vendors and event seekers use it, we have updated the calendar! What used to be an informal link has now been made into a very epic domain! Check it out: https://northidahocommunitycalendar.com/

We are so excited to see this upgrade and look forward to even more improvements as the calendar and group grows!

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