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Valley Vista Spring Craft Fair: A Look at Past and Future Events

This blogpost has been sponsored by Valley Vista.

As we approach the half way mark in February, it is time for us vendors to really get a handle on all the 2024 events. In some cases, if us vendors have not applied by now, we will not be hosting a booth this year at that event. The whole scene gets rather insane.

For Cutoff Crafts, we usually start planning in September or October of the pervious year, and by January first, we usually have our events planned out and ready to go. You can find out where we will be on our Calendar of Events. It is no secret where we will be hosting a booth, and we can't wait to see everyone at our favorite events.

One of the top events we highly seek out and apply for is, of course, the amazing indoor/outdoor Valley Vista Spring Craft Fair! This craft fair almost falls into the category of a Spring Festival with so much to do including: shopping local vendors, pony and hay rides, bouncy house, food vendors, music, and more. The picture below shows just how crazy and fun this event can be with vendors both in the grass and in the Valley Vista barn!

Thanks to Valley Vista, we get to show off our affection for this event by sharing some of our favorite memories of past events and what we look forward in the future! 

For Michelle (one half of the amazing Cutoff Crafts duo) she, "absolutely love(s) the food court set up. The barbecue and coffee were really good. The picnic table area is a neat place to meet people from near and far. I got to chat over lunch with a lovely family from Greece last year and another young couple who were really in to rock hunting. It was wonderful to unwind and just breathe before getting back in to the thick of things."

For me (the crazy half of Cutoff Crafts), I love how happy and kind everyone is at the event. Not only are the vendors happy and excited to be there, but so are the customers. It is a day of fun! 

I remember last year, early in the morning, while I was leaving the house to vend at the Valley Vista Spring Craft Fair, I looked to the side of my house to see the weirdest thing I had ever laid my eyes upon. My mom had taken my finest lace ribbons, ones often adorned on fine garments, and used them to make a DIY fence. We had the prettiest neighbor border I had ever seen. I couldn't help it, I started laughing. I mean who goes into a garage full of tools and wood, goes to the craft office, finds a spool of pretty lace ribbon, and thinks, 'that will be perfect for a fence'?

I was laughing so hard that I didn't see a tree jump from the ground and grow into a tall leafy beauty in 2.5 seconds. I backed into the tree with my mom's truck, shattering the driver's side taillight, leaving a nasty dent and scratch. No longer laughing, I cleaned up the mess, packed the items for the event, and picked up Michelle so we could sell our items at the craft fair. The entire drive to Valley Vista, I worried about how I would fix the truck. Would the insurance even believe the story? 

I attempted to worry about the accident all day while at Valley Vista, but the kindness of others and the friendly customers turned my day around and pretty soon, I was having fun and laughing. When a group of people and customers can change your day from terrible to better, you know that the craft fair is amazing. I still had to fix a tail light, but, by the end of the day, the accident was no longer an end of the world scenario, but a funny story called "Accident and Lace."

I know that we here at Cutoff Crafts, look forward to more of the food, customers, and friendly vibe. We are excited to be in the barn once again, vending some of our newer items, and some of the items our customers look for at each event. This year we will feature many new stones, crystals, and fossils Michelle has been collecting over the last year, along with some of our newer items such a mystery loot bags, puzzles, and more.

For those still looking to be vendors at some pretty epic events, we highly suggest Valley Vista Spring or Fall Craft Fairs. Grab your application from our blog here, "Valley Vista Spring Craft Fair Applications"

NOTE: Jan Reid is the ONLY person accepting applications and payments.

Applications submitted before Feb 29, 2024 will be charged $75 for a 10’x10’ booth. 

The price for a booth after Feb 29, 2024 will be $90.


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