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Spectacular Cosplay Creativity at Lilac Comicon 2024

Lilac City Comicon was last week and all week long here at Cutoff Crafts we have been sharing some of our favorite cosplays on Facebook and Instagram. (Give us a follow if you want to keep up with our crafting craziness!)

We thought it would be fun to do a blogpost for a more in-depth detailed review on some of these incredibly creative designs.

This drop dead gorgeous Lady Amanita cosplay was one of an entire grove of mushrooms and forest folk wandering about. I adore how the dress was dyed to provide proper shading, the use of lights in the cap, and the extremely clever choker design that mimics the hallmark collar of an Amanita mushroom. The freckling done with blush on the collarbone and across her cheeks was a very neat way to tie in the distinguishing coloration of her chosen mushroom. Similarly, the ruching of gauze under the mushroom cap headpiece did a great job of conveying the gills on the underside of an amanita cap.

Talk about a labor of love! This Wonder Woman cosplay was entirely hand-crafted from leather. The carving work is incredible, but that even dye job is just stunning! Extra bonus points for managing to capture all the pleats from the 2016 DC Rebirth design. Some liberties were taken with the belt design, but it really enhances the hoplite armor aesthetic.

Fresh in from the Grand Line, this pirate crew from One Piece heaved ashore for a bit of a supply stop. I love this shot as a wonderful example of what you can accomplish with just a few themed hats and a bit of wardrobe creativity. The honking meat plushie was a great touch. Seeing families come together like this is one of my absolute favorite things about Comicons.

The skittering Hollow Knight cosplayers did a wonderful job posing for photos. Their outfits were designed to be able to quickly deploy for picture opportunities. The helmets were, of course, removable but I was especially impressed with the cape shuffle that transformed these shoppers into iconic video game characters in less than a minute.

This duo from the Land of Oz exemplified how just a little bit of theater makeup and some well chosen accessories can go a long way. The green from Elphaba’s face paint works wonderfully with her green gloves to form a convincing illusion that her whole body is green. Meanwhile the gentleman’s suspenders pair well with the replica oil lamp to help set the whole scene. The entire cosplay is a work of art that took significant dedication to construct, but it truly is remarkable how well just a few minor context clues (like the bag from the musical “Wicked”) can help pull an entire design to the next level.

As always, Lilac City Comicon was an absolute explosion of nerdy awesomeness wrapped in a weekend of festive insanity. We had a wonderful time and look forward to Halloween X-Spo, Oct 5-6th, 2024.

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