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Cutoff Crafts Origin Story
It all started one night while Ahoska and Michelle were playing board games. The conversation went something like this, “I craft things, you craft things, what if… we both crafted things and sold them?” Boom. Cutoff Crafts spontaneously exploded into existence.

About Michelle
Hello! My name is Michelle Durst. I have been making jewelry, crafting, and otherwise creating extravagant messes since I was a kid.

When I was nine, my folks got me this amazing machine that could melt metal and pour it into molds to make charms. I was in love. Then it turned out that the metal had an incredibly high amount of lead in it to lower the melting point. Whoops. Fortunately the joy that inspired never faded. I had created beautiful pieces of jewelry that people could wear. Sweet googly-moogly, I could make things! I ran out into the wide world of crafting and never looked back. These days my preferred past-times are: rughooking, chainmail, making earrings, weaving beads, and writing inspirational messages on parchment with a calligraphy pen.

About Ahsoka (Sandra)
Blogger by day, crafter by night, with purple as my favorite color, I have become the Purple Knight of the Night. I will stitch yarn together into weird patterns and stuffed toys, I will sew strands of yarn into pomples, and I will watch as my geekiness spreads throughout the world in an array of purple awesomeness.


  1. Sweet googly moogly. I see you actually saying that. lol. You both are two of the truly most talented folks I've ever met. Your talents know no bounds. And I am super happy and honored to have met you and call you my friends. And I love having you around at events. You are what people hope to encounter at events. Talented, fair priced, easy going, great personalities, etc.

    1. <3 Thank you so much! We are extremely glad to have met you as well! Hope to see you at many more craft fairs and Farmers' Markets!