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A Scarf for a Wooden Cat

By SandraG

MichelleD and I had a blast at the Coeur d'Alene Public Library Craft Fair last weekend! Coffee Cozys were keeping hands safe from hot coffee cups, people were dressing their ears in beautifully designed earnings, and many people walked away with the most unique Christmas gifts.  Even some of our readers came to say hi (it was great to see you by the way).

We also met several vendors who we shared a wonderfully geeky couple of days.  I think one of the strangest and yet entirely awesome moments is when Sandra from the Crazy Cat Chick Farm asked me to crochet a scarf for her wooden cat...yup, apparently wooden cats get cold...who knew. Of course, I couldn't let the poor thing freeze and I obliged. The cat is now happy and warm.

Picture from Crazy Cat Chick Farm
If you have any custom requests (like a scarf for a wooden cat), want to join the fun, or just wish to say hi, Cutoff Crafts will have a booth at the Bonner County Christmas Fair Dec. 16th and 17th.  You can find us to the left of the stage near the kitchen.  We will be the people laughing uncontrollably while we spin our awesome new displays (Thanks Sherry).

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