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6 Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

With all the store shelves being wiped out of massive amounts of toilet paper, it's time we build ourselves some awesome toilet paper forts.
Just kidding.  What this actually means is that a lot of us must have a ton of empty toilet paper rolls. Instead of letting them pile up and go to waste, I thought it would be fun to share several if my favorite toilet paper roll crafts. Most of these I found on pinterest and other fun sites.   Don't worry, there is a link with instructions to each craft so that you and your family can make them as well.

1. Toilet roll ninjas - These ninjas are ready to defend bathrooms everywhere in toilet paper style.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Bee - This toilet paper roll is bee-utifully cute and easy to make. Perfect for spring time crafts.

3. Fox Toilet Paper Roll - This adorable fox toilet paper roll is a perfect craft for the family.  Makes a wonderful decoration for Easter as well.

4. Dino toilet paper rolls - These are a bit more difficult to make but oh so worth it.  Bringing back the dinosaurs one toilet paper roll at a time.

5. Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Rolls - Get ready for Easter with these adorable bunnies.  with just some glue and pipe cleaners they will multiply.

6. Toilet Paper Roll Flowers - beautiful and cute, these flowers make wonderful Spring decorations.  They even have a little sparkle to them.

Be sure to share your favorite Toilet Paper crafts in the comments below!  Let's see the TP!

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