A Crocheter and a Jeweler Create Together

By Michelle D.

Sandra and I have teamed up to unleash soft and fuzzy earrings upon the unsuspecting world! It is always neat to see what our two rather diverse styles can create together. Today I present three new, fun, and playful creations.

All of these earrings were handmade by Sandra and mounted by myself on nickel-free sterling silver hooks specially imported from Israel. These particular sterling silver hooks are incredibly forgiving to people suffering from nickel allergies.

Just in time for Halloween parties, we have the delicious looking crocheted candy corn earrings. These beauties are packed to the gills with stuffing giving them a firm and rather springy bounce. The Halloween Candy Corns are the perfect accent for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or simply to sweeten a crisp autumn evening.

Up next is the incredibly vibrant crocheted hearts. They are an extremely vivid pink that pack a serious punch. Not for the faint of heart, these earrings proudly proclaim a love of crochet, crafting, and the color pink. The yarn has a lovely silky texture.

Finally, let me welcome in the floofiest of poofballs, the Emerald Pomple Earrings! These are an absolute delight to squeeze, fluff, and pet. I never fail to laugh when Sandra makes pomples for craft fairs and I am thrilled that now people can even wear them. Embrace the pomple!

We have all these and many, many more earrings for sale on our Etsy page. New items are being listed every week so feel free to check back often!

If our items have sold and are no longer listed on etsy, do not fear.  Shoot us a message and request a special order.  We are more than happy to create more.

Affordable Back To School Craft Time Fun


It’s back to school time! Whether you are home schooling, long distance learning, public schooling, or simply love cheap and plentiful craft supplies now is a great time to stock up. Did you know that the local dollar store has an entire crafting section? It’s true! Check out all this cool stuff I got for a dollar a piece.


Need to entertain kids, want to just unwind after a long, hard day of mentally taxing nonsense, or maybe play a word game? Boom! Coloring books, word searches, and crossword puzzle books are all available for a dollar. Crayons, markers, and coloring pencils needed to fill them in are also only a dollar.  There is a theme here.  Everything is affordable. 


School items can also be personalized with stickers so binders and notebooks don't get lost in a sea of clones.  The dollar stores have all kinds of stickers including the ones I am partial to: sharks and dolphins. Stickers are also handy for popping on envelopes, faces, shirts, walls… really they are only limited by your imagination.


Where there is school there is artwork and the need to display such wonderful pieces of the heart. From thumbtacks to frames, we can choose how upscale we would like to be. Personally, I went with the thumbtacks. I have no idea where mine keep running off to but I am sure they are having a party wherever they are.


I saw puzzles for a buck, do it yourself wood crafts, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, silk flowers, glitter gel, glue, flash cards, and so much more. Why yes, I was bouncing around like a kid in a candy shop. Crafting supplies without breaking the bank? Don’t mind if I do!


One final tip. I have a hard time keeping my events straight. I tend to have at least three calendars in my house at any given time. This is the best time of year to buy a few. Our local Dollar Tree only has calendars in stock for Back to School shopping. Afterwards, they vanish, not to be seen again until next September. I picked up a beautiful one with gorgeous pictures of rich forests and frigid mountains for 2021. Buy one for your friends, family, or pet squirrel because after the New Year’s Eve, calendars will cost $14-17 in most office stores.

 Having a fun, creative, time does not need to be expensive. Beautiful art can be made with every day supplies. I know I am going to be set for at least a few weeks. Unless I get into a sticker fight with my sister again.

The Journey to an Epic DeviantArt Page Has Begun

After many hours of hard work, toiling over a hot computer screen, starring at several images, writing descriptions, and prepping the page to be viewer friendly, Cutoff Crafts now has a working DeviantArt Page

This new avenue will provide more ways to communicate, share, and discuss arts and crafts.  It will also provide another area for our readers/fans/shoppers to leave requests and/or recommendations. We welcome your ideas and can't wait to connect with everyone.  

Since the DeviantArt page is so new, be prepared for changes, many more submissions, and an ever growing gallery of items we have created.  Some of the submissions will even contain links to our etsy store where we are selling the item or pattern of the item shown.  That's right, there are opportunities to own little pieces of awesomeness! 

Be sure to come say hi and we will do our best to give all those that leave a comment a little Llama.