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A Crocheter and a Jeweler Create Together

By Michelle D.

Sandra and I have teamed up to unleash soft and fuzzy earrings upon the unsuspecting world! It is always neat to see what our two rather diverse styles can create together. Today I present three new, fun, and playful creations.

All of these earrings were handmade by Sandra and mounted by myself on nickel-free sterling silver hooks specially imported from Israel. These particular sterling silver hooks are incredibly forgiving to people suffering from nickel allergies.

Just in time for Halloween parties, we have the delicious looking crocheted candy corn earrings. These beauties are packed to the gills with stuffing giving them a firm and rather springy bounce. The Halloween Candy Corns are the perfect accent for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or simply to sweeten a crisp autumn evening.

Up next is the incredibly vibrant crocheted hearts. They are an extremely vivid pink that pack a serious punch. Not for the faint of heart, these earrings proudly proclaim a love of crochet, crafting, and the color pink. The yarn has a lovely silky texture.

Finally, let me welcome in the floofiest of poofballs, the Emerald Pomple Earrings! These are an absolute delight to squeeze, fluff, and pet. I never fail to laugh when Sandra makes pomples for craft fairs and I am thrilled that now people can even wear them. Embrace the pomple!

We have all these and many, many more earrings for sale on our Etsy page. New items are being listed every week so feel free to check back often!

If our items have sold and are no longer listed on etsy, do not fear.  Shoot us a message and request a special order.  We are more than happy to create more.

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