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Cutoff Crafts 2020 Holiday Gift Guide With Brand New Items

With craft fair season in full swing, Cutoff Crafts has been crazy busy.  I suppose that is to be expected since we are crafters.  Our first two craft fairs of the year had a huge amount of shoppers and they were both before Halloween. Planning ahead, we are preparing for an amazing Holiday season.

Coming for the Holidays, we have three more craft fairs where we will be displaying our fun crochet items, amazing handmade earrings, and beautiful chainmail bracelets.  The three craft fairs where you can find us are:

For those who cannot make our craft fairs or live in a different state, Cutoff Crafts has an Esty Page and we also take special orders.  If you happen to see something you like on our facebook page, blog posts, or anywhere on social media, contact us. We take orders and ship items.

I thought it would be fun to take a small virtual tour of what we have to offer this year from Cutoff Crafts.  We have been very busy trying to bring fun new items as well as keep what many have loved in the past. Starting the virtual tour we will begin with our highly popular items from craft fairs past. Returning this year in all their glory are several fun items that make the season bright.

  • Peppermint Swirl Earrings on Sterling Silver Hooks

These earrings feature adorable peppermint swirl beads with red and white beads to match.  They sit on a sterling silver shepherd hook that is nickel free. 

  • Crochet Octopus
One of our most popular stuffed toys is the eight-legged octopus.  The legs are crocheted to form a fun spiral, the eyes are googly, and the colors are electrifying.  They come in so many colors and due to the way yarn is dyed, each octopus is a unique piece. 
  • Chainmail Bracelets
These bracelets are made out of small aluminum rings. Michelle, the amazing Cutoff Crafts' chainmail artist, must examine every ring for flaws, open every ring, layer and connect them into a pattern, and then close every ring as she goes.  It is a crazy process that yields a beautiful lightweight statement piece.
  • Crochet Pokeballs
These pokeballs are soft enough to throw and not cause too much damage.  I say "not too much damage" because kids can break things with a feather, it is an amazing talent I have watched ensue.  I brought 5 of them to my first ever craft fair, and have been making more and more each time due to massive requests. 

NEW Items

While our returning items are exciting and bring about the holiday gift ideas, what I am sure most are looking for are the new items coming to Cutoff Crafts this holiday season. From designing new patterns to full on new crafting styles, Cutoff Crafts' holiday gift guide is featuring some amazing gifts for kids and adults.  The tour below contains a few of our newbie items entering the 2020 holiday season. 

  • Hurricane Lamp Earrings
These handmade beaded earrings are on sterling silver hooks and feature a cool faceted teardrop crystal and a light blue bead. As always, the hooks are nickel free.

  •  Pumpkin Shaped Pin Cushions

 We are extremely excited to share these brand new pumpkin shaped pin cushions.  They are hand sewn with button embellishments, pin sharpening sand bag, and marble weighted so it won't roll away in the middle of a sewing project. Each panel of the pin cushion is carefully selected to make a beautiful pattern.  Due to the creative process, each pin cushion is unique and one of a kind.

  • 100% Nylon Scrubbies
You asked, we deliver.  After a ton of requests for us to make these amazing scrubbies, Cutoff Crafts is bringing them to the next craft fair.  In many different colors, each scrubby is ready to take on the pots and pans in the kitchen. They are made out of 100% nylon making them strong and reusable.  Just pop them in the wash machine to clean and use again. 

  • Baby Yoda Ornaments 

These baby yoda ornaments are handmade balls of fun.  Each one is crocheted and features cute pointy ears and adorable eyes. The bottom of the ornament is a cream tan color of yarn to portray his cozy coat he wears and the top is an olive green for his skin color..


  • Kept Safe in My Heart Earrings

These Kept Safe in my Heart earring are a great accent to any wardrobe.  The lovely heart locket charms are on sterling silver nickel-free hooks.

  • Baby Unicorn

This year we are bringing a cute baby unicorn made by me (Sandra).  This pattern is of my own design.  I had a special request to make a little unicorn that can fit in the palm of your hand.  It took me two weeks of crocheting, ripping it apart, crocheting some more, tearing yarn to shreds, and eventually coming up with an adorable, chibi-like unicorn. The hair of the unicorn comes in different colors, the one below is strutting a rainbow mane and tail.

I hope you enjoyed our tour.  We look forward to seeing everyone at future events. As always, if you want one of these wonderful items featured here, contact us.  We are here and ready to help make your Christmas amazing!

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