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DIY: How to Make a Cheap and Easy Centerpiece

Centerpieces help personalize an area. They can be popped on a bedroom dresser, tucked in a bathroom, set prominently on a dining room table, or placed on an outdoor table to greet any visitor to come to the door. Centerpieces are a wonderful way to set a mood and help make a space your own. 

Dressing up a room does not have to be expensive. I make my centerpieces out of things I have laying around the house from other craft projects. Anything goes: ribbon, silk flowers, glitter, scrap paper, stamps, tissue paper, fabric scraps, if it is laying around the house it is fair game. 

I was torn between making a traditional winter centerpiece and something a bit more cheery with the hint of spring. So I decided to make both.

The silk flowers were from the dollar store. The vase was a quart-sized mason jar. I cut a scrap piece of brown paper (the inside of a dead wrapping paper tube from Christmas) and taped it around the jar. Next I added the flowers and fluffed them up a bit. Silk flowers always get kind of squashed in storage. Place in a choice spot, and boom! Instant d├ęcor. 

Step 1: Cut scrap piece of brown paper

Step 2: Wrap paper around a mason jar

These particular centerpieces took me about five minutes to make and most of the time was spent rearranging the flowers. Brand new, the flowers cost $5-10 in materials ($1 per bunch from the local dollar store). Centerpieces really can be that cheap and easy to make. How creative can you get? Give it a shot! Share your creations in the comments below or on our Facebook Page!

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