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Celebrate Mother's Day With Cutoff Crafts May 8th at the Silver Lake Mall

May 9th is Mother's Day! It's the time to tell our moms just how much we love and appreciate all they have done for us.  Some moms like the traditional set: grab some flowers, sign a card, and finish it off with a nice dinner.  For others, our moms are a little more...eccentric. These moms will love the standard Mother's Day gestures but we all know that they will also adore something more unique.  Either way, we want to show our love and support the best way we know how.

Cutoff Crafts is celebrating moms this weekend (May 8th) at The Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d'Alene, ID, with our collection of gifts that are sure to spark the interest for all of our mons. Each gift is carefully handcrafted to ensure it's longevity and pristine beauty. What is even more amazing is that our collection of gifts ranges from conventional to eccentric.  Our earrings feature bright flowers and adorable hearts to epic dragons and Doctor Who charms. 

We have necklaces that can't be found anywhere else. Many of the necklaces are crafted of carefully selected vintage beads placed on a silk cord, and adorned with a sterling silver clasp. Some even feature a pearl knot between each bead to help protect the beads from rubbing against each other, add to the beauty of the piece, and to add strength to the necklace.

Chinese melon beads from the 1700s with a sterling silver clasp, hand strung on a silk cord.

And to finish off the ensemble we have delightful bracelets in different styles made by our expert chainmail artist, Michelle.  Opening one ring at a time and blending the metal into a gorgeous pattern, Michelle creates works of art that will be beautiful on the wrist and demand the attention of passersby. 

Bottom to top: Half persian 3 in 1, European 4 in 1, Turkish Round, Pseudo Mobius, Pseudo Mobius

Of course, if jewelry is not in your mom's wheelhouse, we have other items moms are sure to enjoy.  Our local crochet artist, Sandra (that's me), creates fun items that are both decorative and useful.  Ranging from look-a-like plants to adorable stuffed animals, the items are sure to be enjoyed.

Some of the crocheted plants Cutoff Crafts will be featuring this weekend are realistic looking little cacti and little roses in a clay pots.  These plants are a wonderful gift because, unlike real flowers, they will never wilt.  As an added bonus, these potted plants never need watering.  

 Cutoff Crafts is debuting a brand new item - magnets.  These little gifts will feature small flowers, butterflies, or other tiny creations that can decorate refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces in the home.  WARNING: Keep away from electronics.

Crochet cactus (top left), crochet rose (top right), flower magnets (bottom)

For the keychain collectors we will have butterfly keychains ready to help celebrate Mother's Day and spring!  For the coffee lovers we will have comfy coffee cozies that will help protect the hands from hot and cold beverages. For the animal lovers we will have small stuffed animals featuring hedgehogs, octopi, cats, unicorns, and more. 


Butterfly keychain (top left), Sea Side Coffee Cozy (top right), crochet hedgehog (bottom)

There is so much to find at our store and all of our items are handcrafted with care. The list above is a small sample of what we have to offer. Come by, check out the items, and find the perfect Mother's Day gift.  Hope to see you May 8th at the Silver Lake Mall, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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