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Where Do I find Crochet Patterns?

Items I have crochet using patterns I created and patterns I found online

As an avid crocheter, I am always on the lookout for cool patterns. Somedays, I make it my life's work to find, collect, and hoard the cutest creations found on the web. It's actually really funny, most of the patterns I have collected sit in a digital file collecting digital dust. I have so many patterns that it may actually be impossible for me to crochet them all. However, it doesn't stop me from collecting more. I'll be honest, there is a certain state of mental excitement when I find an adorable pattern and add it to my 'someday' collection. 

I have recently been asked, 'Where do (I) find all of my patterns?' I kind of just stared off into space for a moment and shrugged with the answer, "The Internet." I suppose that was the best answer I had at the time hahaha. However, I have thought about it and looked at my search history to see exactly where I get most of my patterns. Below, I have compiled a list of areas I check often or spend the most time.

When I start my day looking for cute and/or unique crochet patterns, I usually start at five sites and then work my way out from there. Really, all one has to do is Google search crochet patterns and they will find the web is full of them, many of them free. But before I go crazy on Google (some how hours turn into days when I search like this), there are a few sites that I look to due to their collection of the most adorable, geeky, and must-have patterns I need. 

First, I always look to my brain. My own brain is a great place to find patterns.  Much of what I sell is created by me. I am often stating, when discussing a piece, that I invented the pattern. This reversible fox is one of my newest items. There is no stuffing and can be turned inside out to reveal an angry fox. (Sorry it has sold, but I do take special orders). 

When my brain fails to give me ideas to create my own patterns, which is more often than I wish to admit (my guess is it fails 99 percent of the time), I look elsewhere for inspiration, ideas, and patterns. My top five places I look are: 
  • Ravelry has a ton of unique patterns that are often very cheap or free. They range from wear to amigurumi with wonderful images to spark the imaginative process. 
  • Etsy often has several patterns worth perusing that are in the acceptable price range.
  • JoAnn's website has a crafting section and patterns for crocheters that are adorable and free. I do a quick search on what's new. If there are new items, I spend a bit of time reading and perhaps saving some patterns.
  • Yarnspirations, which used to be Red Heart, has A ton of free patterns ranging from Afghans to amigurumi. They are  nicely separated by skill level, type, and style. The instructions are often made by fellow crochet artists and are rated for ease and pattern readability. This car pattern for example, has recently been add to my hoard. Click the image if you wish to own this pattern as well. It is free.

  • Pinterest is a site that I can waste an entire day searching and loving everything I see. A simple search for crochet patterns and the world becomes an array of colors, stitches, and adorable creations. From costumes to stuffed animals, the sky...nay...the universe is our limit. I usually hit this one last because there is so much to share and adore.

I hope this list helps fellow crocheters find event more awesomeness in the yarn world. I know fellow crochet artist have their go-to sites that they use for their inspiration.  I am curious, where do you look to find new patterns for inspiration or to collect? Let me know in the comments below. 

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