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Cutoff Crafts' Crochet Treasures at the 23rd Annual Gold Prospecting & Treasure Show

With the 23rd Annual Gold Prospecting & Treasure Show opening March 12 & 13, 2022, we here at Cutoff Crafts have been handmaking treasures as fast as humanly possible. From epic chainmail bracelets and earrings (as seen in our last blog post) to crochet awesomeness, this show is going to be featuring tons of Cutoff Crafts Treasures!  In preparation of the 23rd Annual Gold Prospecting & Treasure Show I have been focusing on one of a kind creations and gold themed items that will make everyone feel like they are panning for crochet gold.

Some of our one of a kind items often involve our reversibles. While we have several reversible octopi, each octopus is unique due to yarn dyes, eye placement, and mouth placement.  One of the most recent reversibles I have made features a red sparkly yarn with a happy face and a light blue yarn with a sleep face. Sooo cute! 

Reversible Octopus is $35

Of course, nothing says unique like our one of a kind unicorns! These chibi unicorns are a special Cutoff Crafts pattern made by me (Ahsoka), Each is made with unique manes, colors, and horns.  I love finding fun yarns to make each unicorn. The unicorn below features a new pastel yarn variation that I adore.

Unicorn is $35

Since March 12 & 13 will be all about treasures and gold, I am preparing a few gold themed items! First, the very popular Bumblebees are coming back! Using a Cutoff Crafts exclusive pattern, I made these adorable little bumblebees featuring blue eyes, black stripes, and tiny wings. They truly are a treasure to be hold and they are almost as yellow as gold. 

Bumblebee $12

Continuing the gold theme, we will have several gold colored scrubbies at our booth. These scrubbies are made from 100% nylon. They won't take the finish off of cast-iron skillets, enamel, and teflon! Highly prized in the kitchen, these scrubbies are a must! And because they dry fast, they are mold resistant!  But don't limit their amazing attributes to the kitchen, they work anywhere in the house as well as on windows. They even make great body scrubbers! Buy different colors to designate what they are used for; for example: gold in the kitchen, green in the bathroom, and purple as a body scrubber.

Scrubbies: $5 each or 3 for $12

Along with our crochet work we will have fine jewelry, sterling silver earrings, and chainmail bracelets! Check out what we are bringing to the gold and treasure show here. We are so excited for this event and we hope to see everyone there!

If you are wishing to make a special order and pick it up at this event, contact us and we will get your order started. 

More information about the 23rd Annual Gold Prospecting & Treasure Show:
Come and join us at the 23rd Annual Gold Prospecting & Treasure Show. Learn all about small scale mining, gold prospecting & the exciting hobby of recreational gold panning. See the latest in small scale mining equipment and metal detectors. Try your luck at our panning booths. Learn how and where to prospect for gold or look for treasure. Get ideas on how to turn your treasures into keepsakes and collectibles. Visit our gold display and talk to our members about their equipment display and experiences. Vote in our homemade/modified equipment contest. Food and beverages will be available. Admission $5 per person, children 12 & under are free. Fun for the WHOLE family. Saturday, March 12th, 2022 (9AM to 5PM) & Sunday, March 13th, 2022 (9AM to 4PM) in the Jacklin Building #25 at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds at 4056 N Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID. (https://nwgpagoldshow.com/)

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