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Cutoff Crafts' Online Store Is Growing!

I am very excited to announce that our online store is growing! As of May/18, 2022, Cutoff Crafts has officially posted over 140 items for sale! These items range from sterling silver jewelry to downloadable patterns! Now those who want our items but live in other states or can't attend the fairs where we display our wares are able to purchase online and either have them shipped or schedule a pickup.  It is truly exciting!

As our online store grows,  we gain new categories to display our items. Right now we 14 categories and some of them even have sub categories.  Some of our most popular sections include: Crochet Animals, Dice Bags, Earrings, Magnets, Gamer/Geek, Patterns, and Magnets. The Earrings category has several sub categories to help make it easier to find the perfect pair. Need animal earrings? We have them. Need chainmail earrings? we got you covered. Need to special order something unique? Guess what, we can do that too.

What is really amazing about our online store is that if you see something adorable and want it in a different color or if you want us to create a unique bracelet or pair of earrings, we take special orders! Simply send us a message requesting you design and we will work with you to make sure your item is what you desire. Check out some of the special orders we have already taken!

Image 1 - Stitch

Image 2 - Stormtrooper

Image 3 - Cow with purple spots

Image 4 - Gnome and Spider

The Spider in image 4 was a surprise request and it turned out crazy epic.  The Gnome holds a flower that actually changes color in the sun. It is a magical piece that was fun crochet.

So, long story long, we are online, we take special orders, and we are very excited about it! It has already been fun helping many of you to find the perfect gift whether for yourself or for someone you care about. We hope to continue to provide this service for years to come! If you wish to check out our store go to CutoffCrafts.square.site or click the image below.  Welcome to Cutoff Crafts!

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