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Cutoff Crafts Joined an Alliance with Foam Brain Games!

Happy 2023, everyone!

Here at Cutoff Crafts we are thrilled to ring in the new year with an exciting announcement: Cutoff Crafts is now a licensed retailer for Foam Brain Games! This means we get to bring everyone even more exciting things in our online shop and at the local craft fairs. Cutoff Crafts will be happily incorporating dice, pins, dice mats, stickers, and other various loot in all kinds of new ways.

Foam Brain Games is a wonderful designer and creator of a wide variety of geeky tools and accessories. Ever since their founding in 2009, Foam Brain has actively engaged the gaming community to bring to life beautiful metal dice sets, handsome pins that double as gaming miniatures, mysterious loot bags, and so much more.

Cutoff Crafts is happy to offer a collection of our favorite Foam Brain toys for sale. The teeny, tiny, Halfling dice are hilarious as well as completely useable.

Halfling Dice from Foam Brain - Full Size d20 For Scale
Speaking of metal pins that morph into playable miniatures, here is a gargoyle boldly strutting his stuff. The book is hinged and locks into place beneath the gargoyle to act as his stand. To make things even spicier, each of the pin-atures is hidden inside a loot bag. Even we don’t know what epic monsters people will get!
Mystery Loot - Lost Tome of Monsters from Foam Brain
Of course, Cutoff Crafts will not only be selling these products but also working with them to bring forth entirely new creations! Personally, I am super excited to see Ahsoka’s designs come to fruition. All manner of cute and adorable crocheted critters might end up holding a d20. The sloths look quite happy with their new toy.
Cute Crocheted Sloth Holds a d20
Meanwhile both Ahsoka and I will be busy locking dice in cages that dangle from keychains, for when someone desperately needs an emergency die. In case of boredom, release the die!
Prototype of the Captured d20 Keychain
I also took the liberty of commandeering some of our fancy new dice cases to offer hand selected batches of tumbled stones. These are a perfect way to get a budding geologist interested in the fascinating world of minerals and stones.
Box of Stones - Quartz, Dumortierite, Petrified Wood, and Aventurine
May 2023 be a wonderful year for everyone! Here’s to a fun year full of creativity and joy!

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