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Cutoff Crafts Welcomes Valloween this Valentine's Day

Chocolate or sour
Smell the flowers
This February 14th
Valloween will be ours
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

This Tuesday marks the 24th Valentine's Day of the millennium, where we all celebrate love, care, and devotion by giving gifts of jewelry, stuffed animals, chocolates, and flowers. It's a day for couples, for families, and for friends to show a special someone just how much they mean to us. This year, Valentine's Day is taking on a new tradition with a hashtag we, here at Cutoff Crafts, recently learned about. Apparently, there is a movement by those who love Halloween to combine their passion with The Day Of Love, producing the hashtag #Valloween. Let me just say...We Approve! 

Valloween appears to be the best of both worlds; monsters and love collide to make something special. Honestly, this isn't a new concept: Frankenstein's monster needed a wife, Dracula had brides, Imhotep sought to resurrect his love, Gill-Man wanted a girlfriend, and many other monsters looked for love in all the wrong places. It simply makes sense that Halloween and Valentine's Day combine into a brilliant hashtag.

This Saturday, Feb 11, 2023, Cutoff Crafts will be at the Silver Lake Mall for their Valentine's Day Craft Fair! Our booth will feature many of our regulars such as cute crochet toys and dazzling sterling silver jewelry. However, this year, we will also be sporting items in honor of Valloween.  We are excited to announce items that will send that loving chill up your spine with a possible kiss of the goosebumps. Check out the images below for a sneak peek of some of our items.

For those seeking the perfect gift for their loved one, we will be featuring our fantastic chainmail bracelets in Halloween and Valentine's Day colors. Each will be adorned with a gorgeous sterling silver clasp. These beautifully designed bracelets are handmade by our expert chainmailer, Michelle, who works diligently on the bracelets by forming a chain one ring at a time in a variety of patterns.

The Plague Doctor will also be visiting our booth in adorable crochet fashion. After all, who would be better to help fight the plague of love than the plague doctor? Each crochet plague doctor features a top hat and bird mask. We will have only a few in Valentine's Day colors, so if you want a pink or red one, be there early!

Continuing our awesome dive into the dice world, we will be featuring a limited quantity of adorable Valentine's Day Dice for all those lovers of DND and RPG games. Each Mystery Loot Candy Heart bag will come with 2 random enamel candy heart pins and 1 large metal d20 die in a random color. Each pin will come with one of 12 possible Valentine's Day sayings, such as, "Chaotic Adorable" or "stop Dragon my heart around". The Metal d20 die will be a random color and feature a double heart as the Nat 20. The bag is designed to look like a box of candy hearts and includes a TO and FROM section making it an easy gift.


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