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Our Two Year Anniversary Celebration will have MAD Savings!

March 23, 2023 is our two year Anniversary! Yes! Cutoff Crafts has officially been in business for two years and we are so excited! 

These last two years have been a fun journey of attending craft fairs, selling online, and getting to know the community through our fantastic, 8k members and growing, group, North Idaho, Events, Fairs, and Markets. The love and support has been phenomenal and we look forward to many more years!

Last year, we celebrated out anniversary with a party at a local craft fair. We had balloons,  games, and more. It was fun for all and we truly enjoyed the festivities.  This year, to celebrate our second year in business, we have an exciting announcement! 

This year at the Rathdrum Craft and Farmers Market April Fools Day Craft Fair, we are giving every shopper a Mystery Anniversary Discount (MAD)! This is no joke, the discounts are real!

How does MAD work? 

It's simple! Come by our booth April 1st, 2023 between the hours of 10am and 3pm. When you make a purchase at our booth, right before we take payment, we will have you roll two dice. If you roll a pair, that will be your MAD amount! So you roll two 3's, you will get $3.00 off! We then minus the discount from your total and tell you the new price for your items!

Only one MAD roll can be applied to your total purchase price

Limit one MAD roll per person.

No items are exempt from out MAD Savings! We will have jewelry, crochet toys, keychains, fossils, stones, dice, and more! it is going to be a fun day of discounts! Hope to see you there!

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