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Summon the Nerds to Lilac City Comicon!

Conventions are a fantastic place where everyone comes together to share in each others’ passions. They are a whirlwind weekend of lively banter, colorful cosplay, and fantastical merchandise. New friends are made and new hobbies may be discovered. People gather from all over the country to meet up and celebrate their nerdom. Here at Cutoff Crafts, we are no different. It is always a super exciting time when we book a booth at a convention as it means we get to meet thousands of new people and share things we hold dear. This year we will be at the Lilac City Comicon in Spokane June 10 and 11!

I love tabletop gaming. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for two decades now. For me, it started back in 2003 with 3.5. I played all the way through 4th edition and am currently running a 5E campaign.

One of my favorite parts of tabletop gaming are the minis and the maps. As such I have a tendency to acquire fairly rare collections of minis from all over the world. Dungeons and Lasers is a company based in Poland that makes all of their miniatures and terrain in house. The concept art, modeling, and final printing are all done by their own artists. Their work is beyond superb. I will have a few complete box sets that are still wrapped available for sale.

In addition I will have several uncut base sheets. These contain both 25mm and 50mm bases. They are fantastically crafted and feature a variety of terrain.

We will also have several action figures decorating our booth in all their dark side and light side splendor. Visiting from the our personal vaults will be several Toys-R-Us exclusives including a Holographic Yoda and a Holographic General Grievous. These rare toys are members of a time long ago but not forgotten, when everyone wanted to be a Toys-R-Us kid.

Gentle Giant will also be pulled from the vault for this amazing comicon event as we feature an amazing Maquette Statue if C-3po and a Jawa. Like all of Gentle Giant's items, this is a fantastic statue for that star wars fan!

Along with some amazing star wars items and miniatures, we will also have a few Disney items such as the wonderful Disney Animator's Collection. These adorable dolls have adorable details that are inspired by the Disney characters. The image below features Mulan and her puppy, Little Brother.

Be sure to stop by our booth form many other collectibles, miniatures, dice, handcrafter creations, and more. We will be at the Lilac City Comicon June 10 and 11, 2023!

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