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Shark Week 2023 is Almost Here!

Dancing Shark by Angela Durst, 2023

Mark your calendars everyone, July 23rd, 2023, marks the start of the 35th Annual Shark Week! Shark Week runs from July 23rd to the 30th and it's a time where ocean enthusiasts gather online and in person to share in the wonder and fascination of these phenomenal creatures.

Ahsoka’s favorite sharks are the incredibly acrobatic Great Whites that can leap 10-15 feet out of the water to snatch fleeing prey. This maneuver is known as an Air Jaws Breach. Great White sharks can swim up to 35 miles per hour in short bursts.

Michelle’s favorite sharks are Hammerheads. Hammerhead sharks have sensory organs called “the ampullae of Lorenzini” in their iconic noses. These organs detect electrical currents in their prey including prey that has buried itself under the ocean floor.

In celebration of Shark Week, Cutoff Crafts has some very special pieces available in our shop.

Ahsoka has brought sharks to life as cuddly little chibi toys. Each shark is crocheted using Premier Parfait Yarn. They are incredibly soft, fun to pet, and way too adorable. Each one is handmade and measures 3 inches long (which lets them work perfectly as a pocket fidget plushie).  If your preferred color is not listed, Ahsoka takes special orders like with this amazing red sparkle shark.

Michelle has listed real fossil shark teeth that are millions of years old.

Otodus obliquus is one of the oldest mackerel sharks. Its descendants include the well known Megladon, the Great White, and the Mako. These fossilized teeth are 50-55 million years old and were found in the Khouribga deposits in Morocco. There are two sizes available, smaller teeth measuring about one inch long and impressive specimens measuring over two inches in length.

Squalicorax Pristodontus is known as the crow shark. Their teeth are heavily serrated. It is believed that crow sharks could reach a length of 15 feet long and a body weight  of over 1,000 pounds. The fossilized teeth we have available for sale are 65-75 million years old and. each fossil crow shark tooth is approximately 1 inch long.

Rounding out our online offerings, we even have fun printable shark cupcake wrappers! These are perfect for throwing a shark week party. 

Cutoff Crafts also has shark-themed mini tote bags available for sale in person. These can hold up to 40 crayons or other various smalls. I use mine to hold rocks and pebbles that I pick up while walking on the beach.

I hope everyone has a terrific Shark Week! There’s nothing quite like learning more about the fierce creatures that share this amazing planet with us.

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  1. Happy almost Shark Week, ladies! Oh man, so much cool shark swag to choose from... or not choose, I could just buy one of everything and put it in the little tote lol. But seriously, super fun and creative pieces, girls! I never knew sharks could be so cute <3