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The Starter Pack that Began My Pin Collecting Obsession


I never realized it until recently, but I am a pin collector. When I think about how my obsession first started, I have to go back to my childhood, when I was about 8 years old. My family and I were visiting my grandma Julie. Like always, she had a wonderful gift to give me and I couldn't wait to open it and see all the wonders inside. This time, she gave me a lovely jewelry box with 3 wonderful pins. My collection started that day with a Mickey Mouse heart pin, an elephant pin, and a cameo pin. Basically, this was my pin collecting starter pack.

My pin collection grew after that. I discovered that Disney pins were a thing. All of a sudden, my love of Disney had no limits and I could display my love on my backpack, on a lanyard, or put them on my stuffed animals. 

However, Disney pins were a gateway to a whole new world.  I started collecting weird pins from several of my jobs. One such case was when I worked with my family at our party store called Good Humor Balloons. 

As a balloon aficionado, I would go to parties and make animal balloons such as dogs, bears, and the occasional pink panther. I would even take balloons with me where ever I went and randomly make an animal balloon for a person that needed a smile. While making an animal balloon, I met Jeff Brown and heard about the holiday he was creating, known as Balloons Around the World Day, celebrated October 1st every year. I joined in his endeavor to start the holiday and he gave me an adorable animal balloon dog pin that I still cherish today.

Later, I worked for am apparel company that sold certain undergarments. The bra is probably one of my weirder pins in my collection. When friends see it in my collection, they ask what the pin signifies. I explain that it is a reminder never to work for that company again. HAHA 

My pin collecting also expanded into a fandom I have been a member of since birth. When I was a baby, my first stuffed animal was a baby Ewok. It started my love for Star Wars and my pin collection shows it. My Star Wars pins go from fun weird characters such as the Star Wars Mr. Potato Head pins to the more rare and limited edition pins

In 2005, during Star Wars Celebration 3, I was introduced to the Hard Rock Café. They also had pins, and my collection grew that day. One pin I was really excited to snag, was the Star Wars Celebration Hard Rock Pin. It sits in my collection like a boss.

Another collectors pin I am happy to own is my Think Geek R2-D2 May the Fourth Be With You pin. Sadly, Think Geek is no longer in business, but I love their pin. It is a proud member in my collection.

I love every pin in my collection and love to show them off to my friends and fellow pin collectors. However, I do have a favorite pin.  I have to admit, my favorite pin is far more basic and very tiny. So tiny, in fact, that it was hard to take a picture of. My favorite pin is the tiny Star Wars Forever pin. Peter Mayhew, the man who portrayed Chewbacca, gave me this pin at Star Wars Celebration. While, I am sure he gave a similar pin to several people, I will always remember getting his autograph, taking a picture with him, and him offering the pin to me. He was such an amazing person and fun to talk to.

My grandma Julie started an amazing adventure of pin collecting in my life It's a fun hobby that allows me to meet new people, show off my collection, and spark memories of past adventures that are truly special events in my life. It is by far one of my most prized collections that makes me smile every time I look at it.  

This passion has expanded into our business as well. Cutoff Crats now sells pins from many different fandoms, including geeky Movies and TV shows, DND, sarcastic, games, and more.  We even sell a Pin Collecting Starter Pack if you are hoping to inspire yourself or another person into the hobby.

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