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Shark Week Giveaway - Ends 7-30-2023

Shark Week is here and we are beyond excited! I am sure you have seen our previous post of all things sharks featured on our blog (if not, check it out here). We do not hide our absolute fascination for the huge predators of the sea.  They are a marvel to watch and they are so interesting to learn about.  With so much love for sharks and Shark Week, we are taking the shark awesomeness into the next phase! Starting now, we are hosting a fun Shark Week Giveaway!

Yes! our excitement for Shark Week becomes your opportunity to win some amazing items! 

This Shark Week Giveaway is for:

  • 20 tiny fossilized shark teeth in a small 1.75 inch glass bottle/ The shark teeth are from Venice Beech, Florida and along the Mississippi.
  • 1 tiny Shark Keychain
  • 1 random shark sticker

How to enter:

  1. Tell us your favorite shark by commenting on this blog post, our Facebook post, and/or our Instagram post.

It's that Easy! We will then choose a random winner Aug 1st, 2023! Watch our feeds to see if you win! 

Many will enter, only one will win! By entering you agree to our terms and agreements.


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