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Inside Cutoff Crafts' Special Mystery Loot Dice Bags

It’s a complete mystery how even more Mystery Loot Bags have spawned during the night! Each black Mylar bag is hand lettered and heat sealed to prevent any peeking. They make superb gifts for yourself or others. Let’s take a look inside these mysterious treasures!

The Elf, Goblin, and Dragon Mystery Loot Dice Bags are packed with tabletop dice sets. Each dice set has one d4, one d6, one d8, two d10, one d12, and one d20. The dice are high quality resin and very well balanced. The dice come in a wide range of styles and colors. Every single pack is a mystery. Dice sets may include glitter, marble swirls, pearlescent swirls, fancy fonts, extreme multicolors, and many more. Each of our mystery loot dice packs has a small chance of pulling one of our rare $20 sets of dice.

Our $5 Elf Packs are the most affordable way to start your personal hoard. Each Elf Pack comes with one complete set of resin tabletop dice. These packs make fantastic party favors.

The $10 Goblin Packs come with one complete tabletop dice set and a variety pack of vinyl stickers! These stickers are water resistant, they adhere well to paper, metal, and plastic. Stickers are a fantastic way to personalize water bottles, binders, phone cases, tablets, and so much more. Each Goblin Pack will come with at least 5 vinyl stickers. Stickers are random however, they will be appropriately fantasy themed.

The $15 Dragon Packs are loaded with one complete tabletop dice set AND one complete halfling dice set! Halfling dice are miniature dice that are perfectly playable. Just like the full sized dice sets, halfling dice come in a random color selection that includes glitter, marble swirls, pearlescent swirls, fancy fonts, and extreme multicolors.

Each set of dice is chosen and hand packed by Ahsoka and Michelle here at Cutoff Crafts. Online orders over $100 unlock free shipping! We also carry mystery loot bags to our various in person events which you can check out on our calendarWe love seeing everyone in person however we do sell out of our mystery loots. So be sure and pick some up!

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