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Cutoff Craft’s Halloween Special - Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bags!

We are so happy to reveal our Halloween X-SPO special release! These Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bags are full of goodies! Each mystery bag is loaded with an extra fancy set of dice and one Halloween themed metal enamel pin. 

How fancy are the dice? Each bag is guaranteed to have one of our $20+ sets. There are glow in the dark dice, color changing splatter dice, extremely fancy high quality marble dice, dice with an arcane font, triple color dice, and more. The color changing dice activate when held in a warm hand. For our skeleton and ghost crowd, whose hands may not be the warmest, the dice will also activate when dunked in warm water.

The metal enamel pins are themed for the season. There are spooky cupcakes, sinister pumpkins, playful ghosts, strange monsters, and ghoulies of all types. I think I even saw a flying eyeball go by! Our metal pins range in price from $12-$15. One $12+ pin and one $20+ set of dice... that means every bag is guaranteed to have AT LEAST $32 worth of merch! Each Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bag costs $25.

As always, our custom made Mystery Loot bags were loaded by Ahsoka and Michelle, personally. No two sets are the same. Each bag is made of sturdy mylar that has been heat sealed to prevent peeking, and makes for a fantastic gift. We only made twenty-five of these so they may not last! Halloween Trick or Treat Mystery Loot Bags are easily identifiable by the Halloween stickers on their fronts.

Pictures in this blog are representative of examples and NOT a guarantee of what is in a specific bag. The contents of the bags are a mystery!

We are so excited for the Halloween X-SPO in Spokane, Washington! We will be at booth 204 at the Spokane Convention Center. 

~Halloween X-SPO 2023~

Dates and Times

Saturday, October 14th: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sunday , October 15th” 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Early Bird ticket holders get in half an hour early! Come say "hi," it promises to be a real treat. MUHAHAHAHA!

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