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Winterfest at Post Falls' City Hall is always a treat!

December 1st, 2023, is Post Falls’ Winterfest and Plaza Market! The Post Falls' City Hall puts on a wonderful craft fair complete with a tree lighting ceremony and caroling. There will be a canned food drive to help the local community, a Toys for Tots collection, and a visit from Santa Claus. Santa is anticipated to arrive at his local workshop at 6:15 p.m. We are always thrilled to do this craft fair. The mood is joyous, there are merry fire barrels scattered around to roast marshmallows at, and there is just something magical feeling about the clean, crisp December night air.

Cutoff Crafts will have a full tent set up complete with hypoallergenic earrings, handmade crochet toys, stickers, pins, dice, keychains, mystery loot bags, and handmade coinpurses.

Ahsoka and I have created special Christmas Mystery Loot Bags and Pokemon Mystery Loot Bags that are fantastic stocking stuffers.

Our specially made Christmas Mystery Loot Bags have one Christmas themed metal enamel pin and one full set of fancy dice. The dice sets are worth $20 and the metal pin is worth at least $12, which means that every bag is guaranteed to have AT LEAST $32 worth of merch! Each Christmas Mystery Loot Bag costs only $25. I love the Kuromi dressed for winter pin, she is totally adorable and mischievous. Our Christmas Mystery Loot Bags are easy to spot, they each have a unique vinyl reindeer sticker on them.

The Grinch is judging your Nat 1s

In addition to our Christmas Mystery Loot Bags we wanted to make something special for the Pokemon fans out there. Can you believe that it has been 25 years since Pokemon debuted in the United States? I was surprised! Growing up I loved how fun the anime series was. One of my favorite episodes was “Battle Aboard the St. Anne” where James from Team Rocket is conned into buying a seemingly simple Magikarp. Ahsoka is a huge fan of Jigglypuff and especially loves the episode “The Song of Jigglypuff.”

We sat down and made these exciting Pokemon themed surprise bags. Each one contains 5 high quality vinyl Pokemon stickers and one Pokemon pin. The pins range from starter Pokemon to final evolve forms. A select few have fantastically silly expressions. The mystery loot bags are only $15 and make a wonderful gift. Each Pokemon Mystery Loot Bag has a large vinyl Pokemon sticker on the front. These stickers are the size of the five Pokemon stickers that are contained within. As a mystery bag, the pins and stickers are completely random.


Piplup looks excited to meet his new trainer!

Winterfest at Post Falls City Hall is always a treat! It runs from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., December 1st, 2023. We hope to see everyone there!

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